About EFE (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd

EFE-Logo-logoEFE (S.E.A.), short for Eastern Financial Engineering, is a project consulting company that also recommend associate companies to promote and negotiate credit line(s) for the realization of projects, either in governmental of national priority or in private sectors (hotels, real estate, buildings, commercial centres, shopping centres, hospitals, residential apartments, etc.).

Upon a precise request for project consultancy from a less developed country (LDC) government, which is interested in realize a project of national priority unfeasible on the contrary.

We have been carrying out for 8 years project consultancy in the world by promoting government and private projects. For every project, we identify an appropriate line of credit in the international financial market which codify the government request in a risk message divided inside a bank pool (lender) supported by financial reliefs and benefits considered in the community (FED) laws in force of credits to the exportation.

talkingOur corporate investments and strategic partnerships in various business sectors have positioned us in the emerging markets of the broader geographic region, which includes Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Middle East and Southern America. We owe our success to the enduring partnerships; we have through our international ventures, collaborators, customers, business associates and shareholders, supported by our celebrity network, professional approach towards each investment and strong and enthusiastic management and staff.
We follow a well-developed evaluation process that is designed to quickly conclude on propositions that meet our investment and loan criteria. As part of our investment and loan process, we seek to make the most of both, potential partner’s and our own time by setting clear expectations and giving thoughtful feedback at each stage of our investment and loan process. We seek situations where our operational expertise can be used to create value for the proposed business.

We have cultivated an exciting, entrepreneurial environment that fosters growth through new ideas. This culture permeates throughout our company and our associates and drives innovation to unlock full value potential. EFE (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd encourages potential investors and partners to an open dialogue for examining opportunities which can lead to setting up of viable businesses together, leading to fulfilling rewards for all concerned.