Proof of Funds (POF)


A proof of funds is a statement by a bank or financial institution that a depositor has a certain amount on deposit.
A document that demonstrates that a person has the ability and funds available to use for a transaction. It usually comes in the form of a bank, securitproof fundy or custody statement. The purpose of the document is to ensure that the funds required for the transaction are obtainable and legitimate.

Some con artists who are planning a financial scam will request a proof of funds. They want to make sure that they are concentrating their efforts on someone with significant financial worth. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you only give proof of funds to trusted individuals whom you have thoroughly investigated.


We offer leased funds or proof of funds program through our bank vendors, who has the capability of providing Proof of Funds (POF) cash account in your personal or company name for credit/financial enhancement purposes.

Minimum amount is EUR/USD 25M with MT799.  Lease fees vary from 2-4% for a 90-day term, depending on amount size and institution. Lower amounts may be considered but will not include MT799 capability.

Fees must first be escrowed and will be released ONLY upon the successful and confirmed creation of the account.

**Please note this account cannot be drawn from, liened against or pledged.