Fraud Uncovered – First Hand Experience

Our founder started using this alternate project funding solution for his own project, and lost US$10m to a fraudulent company.

As a fighter, he was unfazed.  He expanded the company to include a strong Compliance Team to provide project funding solution and consultancy for clients.

Together with our Compliance Team, we have saved our clients over millions of dollars on fraudulent providers, as well as saving ourselves millions of dollars on non-performing clients.  We know how to identify authentic bank instruments, swift messages and documents.  To prevent fraudsters from using our name and sign fake documents, we have developed our own TimeStamped digital signature that comes with an unique serial number on QR Code.

Our capabilities in due diligence are developed with hard earned money and many months of analystics, including painful and long legal suites in the UK.

For a very special fraud case, we spent over US$200k to recover a scam payment of US$35k.  This exclude the over 2 years of research and consultation with government organization and Google Mail, and compiling over 100 documents.

As a social responsible company, we are disclosing the full details with all documents to all interested parties who do not want to fall into the same trap as we did.

Based on what we know, the group of fraudulent companies are still actively offering these deals and many had fallen into the traps as they seem to be covered by top-rating bank(s) and loop holes in current legal system.  Click here to read the full details of this complicated fraud case.

A Project Financial Consultant

In developing and third world countries, getting project funding is challenging and definitely a costly exercise.  The borrowing rates offered by the local banks tend to be too high and eat into the profit margin of the borrowers.  Companies in these countries tend to have to sacrifice majority of their project on the high interest rates. 

As a Project Financial Consultant, we offer alternate project funding solutions and consultancy to raise project funding at more competitive fixed rates for these companies. Our clients will be able to keep most of their profit for reinvestment into more projects, which will lead to more social and economic development in the developing and third world countries.

In recent years, we have worked with many companies in Asia, especially the developing countries including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Mongolia. 

Besides our headquarters being based in Singapore, we have also setup an office in Bangladesh.

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