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– Chapter 5

5. Reports To Authorities

Feeling insutlted and puzzled, we consulted a few legal friends.

Most advise us to make police reports, which we did.  When we explained this fraud story to Singapore Police Force, the officers were also surprised with the judgement and gave some advice who to approach to gather more details.

We should have made the Police Reports earlier.  With the report, we received better cooperation from UK authorities, like Nominet. 

In this chapter, we share all the documents and email exchanges we had with the government agencies.

Police Reports

Verification With Nominet UK

With the Police Report, we send an inquiry email to Nominet UK, which governs the “.UK” domain name registry.  Note the first sentence in the self-introduction (Who we are?) of the organization: “We want to create a world which is more connected, inclusive and secure.

We highlighted the email replies from Nominet.  Note that the officer avoided our inquiry about the need for proof of address in domain registry.

Only when we threatened to approach the global IT Community, did the officer finally replied and admitted their negligence in verifying the registered address of the domain. 

We were shocked with this reply.  Nominet’s practice in governance is the opposite of what was claimed on the website.  It was a big disappointment for our management, as all were educated based on the UK education system and held high regards to UK law and governance.  Sadly, the country is really had deteriorated.

Having said that, even if there was negligence by Nominet, how can a big corporation with a large IT team like Barclays Bank, not detected the abuse of use of its main office address in London?

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