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Before we developed Timestamped, a digital signature that can be verified by scanning QR Code on the left of our signature, we received many callers who claimed that we had signed contracts with them.

Most imposters pretend to be Agents representing us, except one who introduced himself as our Managing Director.


Scam Paypal Email

Phishing Emails From "PayPal"

Recently one of our directors received an email that appeared to come from PayPal, which warned her of a potential “illegal” use of a PayPal account. The email provide a blue button to suggest the action to “STOP PAYMENTS”.

Likely, the director checked the email address of the sender and found the email was not from PayPal.  The email address was

PayPal officials have also sent emails to warn customers of such potential scams.  Anyone who receives a similar email (not necessarily from the same email address received by our director) should forward the email to and delete it.

Check out the email PDF printouts from our folder.  Just subscribe as a free member to open or download the files in the folder.

"Wilfred Quiah"

Someone has been using our Managing Director’s name to sell similar service. 

He even directed his clients to our website and claimed that he was the Managing Director of the company.

Since 2016, we have already announced in our Facebook Page to warn our clients of this Imposter.

Read our announcement from facebook page at this link.

Dr. Subramani M.B.B.S

(Full story on the way…)

This man from India came to our office with his wife, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law, claiming that he was the decision-maker of SRAM Econ Global Pte Ltd.

We made a mistake for trusting him and issued an SBLC before receiving any deposit.  Upon receiving, he gave excuses that his receiving bank, UOB, was unable to accept the SBLC.  

We then found out that he was not one of the management team through its company webiste.  We understand that he did not even pay his Agent any money.  The Agent had to come to us and we gave him some funds to return home.

From this lesson, we learned that we cannot issue any bank instrument before receiving the required deposit.  Any business person who cannot even pay a deposit is 99.9% a non-performing client.

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