Most people who have some experience in this market will tell you that more than 90% of the partners are frauds.  These “partners” can be providers/ suppliers, receivers/ clients, and agents.

There are also a group of professionals “cheats” who put up a fake front with the “intention” to take advantage of our emotional statuses (after our lost) and over-charge us.  Sadly, we had met a few professionals when we seek help to recover our lost from Barclays (Barley) Ltd.

If you face a similar problem and needs professional assistance, avoid the non-performers listed below.  We have the evidence to our claims and have compiled the documents in the Member Resource Library.  

Beware of the following companies and individuals who introduced as experienced professionals, with the intention to take advantage of your misery and overcharge you for services they are not qualified to perform.

Premier Tax Free Ltd

Premier Tax Free Ltd introduced himself as a bank instrument provider.   We signed all the contracts, but after many months and excuses, he cannot provide the bank instruments.

Check out our email exchanges and documents with filenames precede with “PTF” in the Resource Library on Non-Performers.

Haque & Hausman


Address: Ground Floor 124 Whitechapel Road London E1 1JE



This firm was introduced to our Managing Director through an acquaintance in his hometown in the Republic of Bangladesh.

We engaged this firm to hold a fund of GBP 1m in its escrow account for a bank instrument deal with GuaranteesEU (another fraud provider).  Despite having proven that the provider was a fraud, and he should refund us the deposit, he gave a lot of excuses and held the fund for an additional 3 – 9 months!

When we engaged the Senior Partner, Ehsan Haque, to claim the refund of US$35k from Barclays (Barley) Ltd, he just left the job with an intern but charged us his senior partner’s rate.  He made the mistake of attaching the wrong contract in the letter to TLT, the solicitor who represented Barclays (Barley) and we had to informed him repeatedly as he did not read our emails properly.  Yet, he never apologise for the mistake and charged us the extra hours he required to rectify an error made by him and his team.

But, worse of all, he and his wife, Amena Haque, were spending more time to convince us to buy UK properties than focusing on their professional works. All evidence can be retrieved from our Resource Library.

Clodes Solicitors


Address: London Chancery Lane, 1st Floor Holborn Gate, 330 High Holborn, London WC1V 7QT



When Ehsan Hausman admitted he did not have the required knowledge and experience to handle our case with Barclays (Barley), and wanted us to pay additional for professional, we knew we needed to change solicitor.

We made a bigger mistake to engage Clodes Solicitors.  Throughout the preparation of the Strikeout and trial, the Solicitor Partner, Damien Mr. Clodes,  always gave reasons for engaging additional professional, and also insisted we provided more information that was not really related to the case, for example about the introducer, Charles Krauser (CK).

Clodes Solicitors was never able to provide payment receipts to the payment we remitted to his firm.  But, when he sent invoice, he expected immediate payment.  If not, he threatened to stop work! All evidence can be retrieved from our Resource Library.

Mr. Tanjir Sugar

Email: TBA

Address: TBA

Website: TBA


He was introduced by Ehsan Hausman.  Unlike Ehsan, Tanjir was a very good salesperson.  He drove us around and bought dinner when we were out with him in London.  He even invited us to stay over in his home

He was a very likable person.  However, once we showed trust with him, he started to ask for loans.  To date, he has not returned.

Tanjir’s main business is selling properties.  He tried to introduce us to a few properties, which our Head of Compliance blocked after conducting due diligence on the properties.

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