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Before a bank or financial institute will offer project funding, it requires a company (borrower) to put up collateral, whether cash, securities, assets or bank instruments.

In EFE, we provide bank instruments to any company  (or applicant) who has secured credit facility from bank(s) and financial institute(s).

A successful applicant will receive the agreed bank instrument.


Some of the project scenarios that we will provide project funding for are as follow:

  1. You own an immovable property and you want to develop the property but you do not have sufficient fund.
  2. You are already operating a production factory, e.g. Steel Mill, and you want to increase the production output through automation.
  3. You are awarded a new contract and you needed to hire more manpower and purchase machines to start work.

If your project is similar to the above scenarios, we welcome you to contact us to assist you to get project funding at competitive rates from your preferred banks or one of the banks we introduce.

Bank Instruments

Bank Instruments

Most banks require some collateral to be transferred to them before they will release project funds to you.

Some of the bank instruments commonly used as collaterals are:

  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Bank Guarantee (BG)
  • Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
  • Bank Draft (BD)
  • Proof of Fund (POF)
  • Medium Term Note (MTN)
  • etc,,,


We are a Provider

In EFE, we provide bank instruments to any company  (or applicant) who has secured credit facility from bank(s) and financial institute(s).

We can offer most bank instruments from different issuing banks.  The selection of the type of bank instruments and issuing banks depends on the applicant’s profile.

In most scenarios, we propose the transfer of a bank instrument as a collateral or commonly known as “lease” for project funding.  If an applicant needs to buy bank instruments, please specify your wish to buy a bank instrument when you submit your application.

Before we offer our contract to an applicant, we require the applicant to submit its CIS for due diligence clearance by our Compliance Team.  Upon clearance, the assigned consultant will contact the applicant and send our standard Deed of Agreement (Contract) to the applicant.  As we are the provider, our transaction procedure is negotiable.

Once the contract is signed, our Complaince Team will liase directly with the issuing bank and follow through the transaction procedure until the bank instrument in the contract is issued to the applicant’s nominated receiving bank account.

Most bank instruments has a maximum term period 366 days, and can be extended up to 5 years.  If an applicant does not intend to extend, he/she must return the bank instrument to us 15 days before the expiry date.

Interested applicant who does not have a the standard CIS form can download our Bank Instrument Application Form from our Member Resource Centre.   For further clarification, send us a message.


We Customise A Project Funding Solution

If you are new to project funding through the use of collateral, we can guide you.

Just send us a project summary and the funding amount you are looking for, and we will assign a consultant to assist you further.

When you are satisfied with our proposed service, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement along with our consultancy agreement and guide you through to achieve project funding at the most competitive rates.

Due Diligence & Compliance

We Conduct Due Diligence For Customer

Having been the targets of many frauds, scams, and imposters, we have mastered in identifying fake documents, emails, and accounts.

In this website, we have shared some useful tips that saved us from the potential loss of money and unproductive time.  We are sure that you will find them useful and hopefully can save you from any loss of your hard-earned money.

In addition, we have also detailed some complicated frauds that are likely to be crafted by professional fraudsters, scammers and even insiders of financial organizations.

You can make use of the files shared in our Member Resource Centre to conduct your own due diligence.  Alternatively, you can engage us to conduct due diligence on behalf.  Send us your requirement to compliance@efesea.com or contact us.

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